Our story



Tresanti refers to the ‘Three Saints’; three brothers born in the third century in the town of Vaste, in the province of Lecce located in south-eastern Italy. According to the myth, the three brothers, to be honest, were quite mischievous, somewhat vain and hot-tempered. Eventually the boys, part of a noble Christian family, were arrested by Roman soldiers and taken to Rome where the Imperial Court tried to make them denounce their faith. They were beaten and tortured, and forced to worship the pagan gods, but they remained steadfast.

On May 10th in the year 253, the Brothers were martyred to death in Lentini and received the palm and crown of martyrdom. Since the 1500s, Italians all over the world are having a ‘grand Festa’ each May 10th and in early September in honour of the Three Saints to celebrate the ultimate offer the brothers made whilst staying true to their own values. A story of three men that kept true to themselves, sinners during their lives, but were proclaimed Saints in present day.


TRESANTI was founded in 2015 with a focus on smart-casual wear, quality and most importantly comfort. Our brand is recognised for the designs that are made with great attention for the materials and products that will last for a longer period, silently witnessing the escapades in the life of their owner. High quality material, interesting details, care for the product and affordable price that doesn’t make you faint. It feels like treating yourself or someone else in the best way.
TRESANTI believes there’s a bit of a sinner in every person and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it makes the world a more interesting place. TRESANTI encourages every individual to stay true to themselves, be confident and most importantly, never play it safe! Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. That’s why TRESANTI puts a little bit of sin in every piece of clothing. So that you can experiment with the style and express yourself.